The purpose of Saint Mary School is to develop students’ knowledge of God and self, educate their minds, enhance students’ capabilities and skills, and to teach them to respond to spiritual and social obligations.

The tradition and foundation of Saint Mary School is Catholic Christian education based on Gospel values. The school fosters respect for God-given freedom and dignity, global awareness, and acceptance of cultural differences.

Saint Mary School exists to meet the Christian and academic needs of each child and challenges each student to think critically, evaluate justly, and draw conclusions intelligently. Saint Mary School provides a nurturing environment which develops each child’s potential and enhances an appreciation of faith, family, and community. Common goals form a partnership between parents and faculty which is a key element in the development of the whole child. At Saint Mary School, our responsibility is to mold effective citizens of the world. A strong commitment to peace and social justice, as well as a genuine concern for others, is shared and encouraged in our faith community.